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G-13 Nepali

G-13 Nepali is a potent Indica Hybrid known for its earthy, woody aroma. G-13 Nepali ties together a unique appearance reminiscent of a lush mountain forest with a classic Kush flavour profile highlighted by sour and spicy undertones - and always at a consistent high THC profile.

As an offspring of Nepali OG and G-13 Hashplant, its lineage has a mysterious background that is rumored to have stemmed from a government research program in the ‘60s or ‘70s. 

Aroma: Earthy, Woody, Sour

THC: 22-28%
CBD: 0-0.1%




Additional Information

Grow Method:  Indoor, Hydroponic, HID lighting 
Trim Method:  Hand trim
Plant Type:  Indica Hybrid
Strain:  G-13 Nepali

NOTE:  Terpene data and other information provided is taken from a single specific lot and may vary from harvest to harvest