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Consuming cannabis can result in varying effects based on a lengthy list of factors. Not only can something as simple as the contents of your last meal alter the effects, they can also vary based on a person’s gender, age, previous usage, overall metabolism, and a host of other situational and physiological factors. For this reason, it is always recommended for new consumers to ‘start low and go slow’.

Because cannabis is a natural product, the concentration of different cannabinoids and terpenes can vary from harvest to harvest, just as the sweetness of an apple from the same tree or tartness of a grape from the same vine can vary from year to year. For apples and grapes, this can affect the flavour of a cider or wine, with cannabis, these differences can change the strength or overall effect of the product. Here at Haven St. we are constantly fine tuning our processes in order to increase consistency and reliability in our product offerings.

Cannabis can be consumed in a variety of different ways depending on consumer preferences. These different methods can lead to differing onset times and duration of effects.

Smoking: the combustion of plant material releasing essential oils for inhalation. Fast Onset (within minutes), Limited Duration (up to 4 hours).

Vaporizing: the heating of cannabis plant material within the temperature range required to release the essential oils as a vapour. Fast onset (within minutes), Limited Duration (up to 4 hours).

Ingestion: consuming a cannabis product that has been infused with a food carrier such as a fatty oil. Slow Onset (30-90 minutes), Long Duration (up to 12 hours).